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I was introduced to Mercie Health to complete my clinical rotation as a prospective Psych Nurse Practitioner. Dr Sylvia is excellent in her profession; I have learned so much over my time here. Her interaction with her patients, staff, and students is phenomenal. She provides every opportunity for her students to succeed; you will get the whole experience of learning from her. Her office staff is very professional; they do great in the front office and behind the scenes to ensure patient encounters run smoothly. If given the opportunity, I would refer others to Dr Sylvia for their mental health needs and the chance to be in a learning environment for upcoming student Nurse Practitioners. Disheba W. | Google Reviews

Great place for your mental health visits as patients are well taken care of. Good place if you are needing a place for psychiatric clinical rotations. My best clinical rotation so far because Dr. Sylvia knows her stuff and is willing to teach and guide with hands on experience. Private | Google Reviews

I have just completed my 2nd clinical rotation with Dr. Sylvia and I have learned so much. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to lead me through the decision making rather than giving her own impressions. She encourages questions and provides immediate and helpful feedback. I was able to see a range of disease processes and her patient population was very receptive to students. I am looking forward to completing another rotation under her tutelage. Meshel S. | Google Reviews

I really do appreciate your effort of accomodating me with an Observership position and I am having a wonderful experience with Dr. Sylvia. She not only gives a complete hands-on experience, but also knowledgeable and cares about her patients. Angela O. | Google Reviews

Excellent attentive staff. The staff has been kind, caring and accommodating, and really reach out to meet my needs. I wish all health organizations were run in this manner, putting patient care first, as opposed to the frustrating bureaucracy we run into so often today. I highly recommend this organization if you are in need of help. I have worked with the administrative staff, students, nurse practitioners and Dr. Sylvia and recommend all of them! Dr Sylvia is very knowledgeable about medical management of various disorders and has been very attentive to my needs which I deeply appreciate. Saleena P. | Google Reviews

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sylvia Nwakanma for almost a year. Never in my life have I been so satisfied in dealing with a mental health practice. I had an unexpected issue arise in my life and Mercie Health was there to remind me I had a strong foundation to draw strength from. The majority of mental health and psychiatric practices in this country only treat you like a number. At Mercie Health you are treated like a human. They understand the tangible fragility of the human condition. With all the unexpected horrors that life can throw at us, it is nice to know there is a mental health practice to find solace in. Gaven B. | Google Reviews