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Saline IV Therapy

IV hydration for wellness has gained popularity outside of the traditional medical setting. This approach involves administering a combination of saline solution, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous drip. These infusions offer a variety of wellness purposes, such as boosting energy, relieving from brain fog and fatigue, improving skin complexion, aiding recovery after intense physical activity, enhancing immunity, and even relieving the symptoms of a hangover.

IV hydration is a water-based solution with added saline to restore hydration. Dehydration and to reduce stress, improve electrolyte levels in the body.

How is IV therapy performed?

Before all IV drips we will ask about your medical history and have you fill out some paperwork. IV therapy involves the placement of an intravenous cannula into a vein in the arm. The skin surrounding the targeted vein is cleaned and numbed with a spray to minimize discomfort. A nurse will place the cannula into a vein in the arm. The cannula is then attached to a tube with an IV bag containing the fluids, which drip down the tube directly into the vein. The IV infusion takes about 30-45 minutes. When the infusion is complete, the nurse will disconnect the cannula from the tubing and remove it from the vein. Pressure is applied to the wound and a cotton bud and adhesive tape will be wrapped around the inner elbow.

What are the components of IV Therapy for wellness?

Common ingredients in these infusions include:

  • Saline Solution: Rehydrates the body and serves as a vehicle for other ingredients.
  • Vitamins: Such as vitamin C, B vitamins (like B12, B-complex), and others.
  • Minerals: Such as magnesium and zinc.
  • Amino Acids: To purportedly support muscle recovery or improve mood.
  • Antioxidants: Such as glutathione.

Potential Benefits:

  • Rapid Rehydration: Direct IV hydration can quickly rehydrate the body, especially after dehydration from intense physical activity, alcohol consumption, or illness.
  • Immediate Availability: Direct introduction into the bloodstream means nutrients don’t have to be absorbed through the digestive system, leading to immediate availability.
  • High Doses: Some believe that administering vitamins and minerals intravenously can achieve higher concentrations in the blood than oral consumption.

Potential risks

IV therapy is generally safe and effective but there is a small risk of damage to the blood vessels, swelling in the area, bruising at the site, and bleeding from the cannula insertion and removal.

In conclusion, while IV hydration for wellness has grown in popularity, it’s essential to approach it with a critical and informed perspective. It is important to trust the wellness center, and their staff. The Texas State Board of Nursing through the nurse practice act, mandates specific requirements that must be followed to practice infusion therapy.

At Mercie Health and Wellness in Katy, Texas, we offer a holistic approach to patient care. Comprehensive assessment and integrated therapeutic strategies can optimize outcomes for affected individuals, addressing both their physical and mental well-being. Contact Mercie Health and Wellness to schedule a consultation to learn more about IV infusion therapy. Located in Katy Texas, Mercie Health regularly sees patients from Richmond, Cinco Ranch, and Sugar Land, Texas.

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